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Leases, Landlords and Tenants

The General District Courts in Tidewater do a brisk business in landlord and tenant disputes, primarily because most people don’t fully understand their lease, or the rights and responsibilities it contains, for both the owner of the property and the tenant who lives or works in the property.

Rather than see you when you are embroiled in a dispute with your landlord or your tenant, the attorneys at Cox and Cox offer a free consultation regarding your lease or rental transaction without a written lease. We will listen to any problem that has arisen with that landlord/tenant relationship. If we believe we can help you settle that dispute, we will then quote you a fee for providing that assistance.

Since a lease is a contract, what it says is what it means, unless a clause in the contract is either not capable of clear understanding, or there is a law that conflicts with the agreement as written. We understand the Virginia Landlord-Tenant Acts, which applies to certain leases of residential and commercial real property. All other leases are governed by the law of contracts and the “common law” of real property. Finding an attorney who truly understands landlord and tenant law can make the difference between a successful rental experience and one that ends up before the court. And if your concern does go to court, we are there to present your case to the Judge.