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Adoption and Family Law

Our firm provides legal services for you and your family.

Direct Placement Adoption

When a birth parent places their child directly with a family, very specific court procedures must be undertaken. We will meet with both the birth parent and the adopting couple, if desired, to make certain each person understands the legal requirements of adoption. We come to the hospital to greet the new child and assist with the signing of the entrustment papers and easing the relationship between the adopting parents and the hospital staff. See our blog on direct placement adoptions.

Agency Adoption

When an agency is involved with the placement of a child with adopting couples, whether chosen by the birth parent or the agency, we work with the agency and the adopting parents, and with the birth parent, if desired.

Interstate Adoption

When a child is born to a birth mother in one state and is to be adopted by a couple in Virginia, an additional set of procedures must be followed. Our firm has worked with a number of states in smoothing the way for an easy transition of the matter from the “sending” state to the “receiving” state.

Family Member Adoption

When either birth parent of the child to be adopted is closely related to the adopting couple, even if born or living in another state, the requirements of the Interstate Compact on Adoption do not apply and the actual procedures for consents and entrustment is different and easier.

Name Changes

Adults may change their name for any lawful reason. The procedure is usually simple and can often be accomplished by the individual by consulting the Virginia Circuit Court forms web page. If it becomes difficult because of lost documents, etc., we are here to help.

Child Custody and Support

We provide services both in representing parents and grandparents in seeking custody and/or support of children in their care when families are living separate and apart, and in mediating between parents who wish to work out a solution short of court. We also mediate between parents and grandparents who cannot agree how they will keep the children safe while preserving family ties.


Both court representation and mediation services are provided regarding visitation with non-custodial parents and grandparents.


We accept a limited number of contested divorces each year.
For divorce consultations, a modest consultation fee of $75.00 is charged. There is no fee for the initial consultation in most other matters, unless we can provide you with the legal service during your first visit to our office.