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"I’m grateful to you for making me feel that I could call you with all my questions."

"You were wonderful to hold all of our hands through every step of the way"

"The whole process (of litigation) is very stressful and at times, draining. You have made it as pleasant as it could ever have been. I really appreciate everything your team has done for me." Litigation client

"I just want to say thank you so very much for all that you did for us with the adoption… You worked so hard to get this done."

"You have made a tired beat-up old man feel like a new person and again I thank you for being there for me."

"Thank you so much for all your help with Dad’s estate. We are so thankful for all your guidance through this difficult process."

"It is particularly comforting to me to know that if anything should happen to me and/or my wife, you would be there for assistance."


"Client Centered Law Practice" is a newly coined catch-phrase in the legal community. It is an apt description for the services which have been offered by Cox and Cox Attorneys since 1985. The focus of our attention is on helping people answer questions, sort through legal and practical options and find solutions to problems, both large and small.

We provide those services over a wide range of legal categories. We've described it in a number of ways over the years - "From Adoption to Zoning" or, as one paralegal announced each time she answered the phone, "Cox and Cox Attorneys, Your Law Firm for Life."

On this site you will find descriptions for most of the areas in which we work. If you have a question about other services which you need, simply use the contact form to inquire. Don't be surprised if we ask you to come in for a free, initial consultation. The interaction between a client and their lawyer is a relationship involving mutual trust and respect, and requires the kind of exchange of information that works better face to face.

Carrollyn C. Cox. Cox

Carrollyn C. Cox

Carrollyn graduated from Duke University and was a Sole Practitioner... read more...

Edward Leslie Cox

Edward Leslie Cox

Les holds his J.D. degree from Duke University School of Law... read more...

Sarah A. Cox

Sarah A. Cox

Sarah graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College...

Specializing in You!

Some lawyers limit their practice to real estate, some just accept divorce and custody. Still others call themselves business specialists. When asked for our speciality, we say, "finding solutions for our clients!" No, we don't practice every kind of law, but we are competent and comfortable in a wide variety of matters. That's why we say that we specialize in you.

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